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6:00pm - 8:30pm  

It is not surprising more and more people are traveling with firearms.


Whether you believe the country is as divided as ever, or you think we're just going through a cyclical period of unrest, the current termoil does indeed exist. Protestors by day, turn to rioters at night and municipalities are actually defunding police departments.  Pretrial diversion programs, no-bail bookings, and early release of prisoners are flooding criminals into our communities.  We are feeling vulnerable even during our familiar travels. 


  •    Learn how to avoid drastic punishments for inadvertent mistakes. 


Classes are held twice a month on Monday nights from 6:00pm -8:30pm    Reservations/Seats are required. We cannont accept walk-ins at this time. Address is given upon confirmation of paid seat. 

Call 727-344-9356 or email for further details or if you have questions. 


Traveling by car or RV through Florida? What are the rules?  Are you allowed to have a gun in your car without a permit? What if you're a non-resident? Is there any truth to that 3-step law? 


Laws regulating firearms across the 50 States vary dramatically. What you might get a tip of the hat for doing in Wyoming, will get you five years in a New York state prison. Learn how to avoid drastic punishments for inadvertent mistakes.


  •    Don't become an accidental felon!


During class we will cover:

  • Police encounters
  • Rioters and road closures
  • Duty to inform states
  • Quasi- duty to inform
  • Terry Frisk
  • Brandishing
  • Gear needed to transport
  • Motorhomes and towables
  • Trucks, motorcycles and cars
  • Airlines and airports
  • School zones
  • National Parks and Monuments
  • Indian Reservations
  • Federally prohibited areas
  • Magazine capacity restrictions
  • Traversing states in which we have no reciprocity
  • Canada and Mexico


Before you head out on your next adventure, or even if you're just making a quick trip around town, be sure you understand the laws when traveling with your firearms. 


Call 727-344-9356 or email:





50-State Guide to Firearm Laws for Motorcycles, Cars & RV Travel

  • Class fees are refundable within 72 hours of class. You may reschedule your paid class to accommodate your schedule within a year of purchase. Classes rescheduled due to acts of God, including extreme weather or facility closures outside of our control will be rescheduled in place of a refund. Changes in class location or class schedule will be communicated by the email address and phone number you provide.

  • When adding your class to the cart, please use one student name per quantity of class. For example, if you and a friend want to take class, you'll do one order for yourself (with your name - and quantity 1) and another order for your friend (with their name -and quantity 1).

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