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6:00pm - 8:30pm  Seminole/Largo Area

It is not surprising more and more people are traveling with firearms.


Whether you believe the country is as divided as ever, or you think we're just going through a cyclical period of unrest, the current termoil does indeed exist. Protestors by day, turn to rioters at night and municipalities are actually defunding police departments.  Pretrial diversion programs, no-bail bookings, and early release of prisoners are flooding criminals into our communities.  We are feeling vulnerable even during our familiar travels. 


  •    Learn how to avoid drastic punishments for inadvertent mistakes. 


Classes are held twice a month on Monday nights from 6:00pm -8:30pm    Reservations/Seats are required. We cannont accept walk-ins at this time. Address is given upon confirmation of paid seat. 

Call 727-344-9356 or email for further details or if you have questions. 


Traveling by car or RV through Florida? What are the rules?  Are you allowed to have a gun in your car without a permit? What if you're a non-resident? Is there any truth to that 3-step law? 


Laws regulating firearms across the 50 States vary dramatically. What you might get a tip of the hat for doing in Wyoming, will get you five years in a New York state prison. Learn how to avoid drastic punishments for inadvertent mistakes.


  •    Don't become an accidental felon!


During class we will cover:

  • Police encounters
  • Rioters and road closures
  • Duty to inform states
  • Quasi- duty to inform
  • Terry Frisk
  • Brandishing
  • Gear needed to transport
  • Motorhomes and towables
  • Trucks, motorcycles and cars
  • Airlines and airports
  • School zones
  • National Parks and Monuments
  • Indian Reservations
  • Federally prohibited areas
  • Magazine capacity restrictions
  • Traversing states in which we have no reciprocity
  • Canada and Mexico


Before you head out on your next adventure, or even if you're just making a quick trip around town, be sure you understand the laws when traveling with your firearms. 


Call 727-344-9356 or email:





50-State Guide to Firearm Laws for Motorcycles, Cars & RV Travel