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The marksmanship training summer school classes are coached range classes intended to improve overall marksmanship by perfecting the fundamentals of handgun shooting. 


Go To The Range With A Professional Shooter.


This class will focus on increasing precision of handgun skills, shooting one-handed (strong and weak hand), and engagement in training drills and exercises. Focus will be on firearm safety, handgun basics and target accuracy. 


Balancing speed and accuracy is the key to successful armed self-defense. If you are fighting for your life, you need to get your shot off before the attacker can cause harm. However, it is also important that your bullet hits the intended target - not to just stop the attack, but so it doesn't injure an innocent person. Balancing these two skills in the specific environment and situation of an imminent threat are critical. 


60 minutes on the range - Mixed dates/times. Pick a month and we'll select a date together. 

Call 727-344-9356 0r

Email me at for availability


Summer School

  • Each student is responsible for paying their own $10 range fee when they arrive at the range for training. This is a discounted fee for students of The Armed Floridian.  This fee will cover eye and ear protection if needed.

    Everyone attending will need to bring their Driver's License or Government Issued ID to the range.

    Bring your preferred handgun and ammunition.

    • A fully functioning UNLOADED, CASED semiautomatic pistol or revolver. No antiques.
    • 100-200 rounds of ammunition. No reloads, steel cased, armor piercing or tracer ammo permitted. (If you do not have ammunition, you may be able to purchase some from the range, HOWEVER there is extremely limited stock and many times it is not available on the day of class, so please try to purchase prior to range day.)
    • Ear and eye protection; available and included in the range fee if needed.
    • An auto-loader or speed-loader if preferred.
    • Comfortable (range of motion) clothes. No V-necks or low-cut shirts.
    • Wear flat-soled shoes with good traction and support that completely enclose your foot. No flip-flops, sandals or open footwear.
  • Class fees are refundable within 72 hours of class. You may reschedule your paid class to accommodate your schedule within a year of purchase. Classes rescheduled due to acts of God, including extreme weather or facility closures outside of our control will be rescheduled in place of a refund. Changes in class location or class schedule will be communicated by the email address and phone number you provide.

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