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The Utah, non-resident concealed carry class gives Florida residents double coverage in over 30 states and an additional state of reciprocity, Washington.  Why double coverage?  Because reciprocity changes under the cover of night... well, during legislative cycles.  More on that below. 


Classes are held once a month, 4:00pm - 8:00pm. If you need a class sooner, please call 727-344-9356 or email:  for a private lesson.  Reservations/Seats are required. We cannont accept walk-ins at this time. 


There are multiple states offering non-resident permits but Utah's Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) is one of the best with regard to reciprocity (carry permissions) and it is one of the most economical. Currently, it's just $63.25 to apply to the state and just $25 every five years to renew. You must first take the required, in-person firearms familiarity course that has been certified by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and it must be supplied by a Utah BCI instructor.


Our class meets and exceeds the qualifications required by the Utah BCI and includes:

  • Utah curriculum for concealed carry
  • Utah application and individual assistance in completing it correctly
  • A passport sized photograph to submit with your application
  • A fingerprint card required to submit with the application
  • and, we can also take your fingerprints onsite for an additional fee of just $10

As a Floridian and a concealed carry holder, we have permissions to carry in certain other states. Right now, Florida has very good reciprocity with 35 states honoring our permit (some with conditions and their own state laws). But, with every legislative cycle, our state can pick up or drop off carry permissions of other states. In turn, 49 other states could also pick up or drop off carry permissions with Florida. We will never know if a state we can currently carry in today has dropped from Florida reciprocity unless we specifically check. These state-to-state agreement changes are not typically publicized on the news or through social media. And, in some places there have been upwards of 70 recorded changes in just one year!


In order to be extra careful while traveling, many concealed carry holders pursue double or triple coverage by getting non-resident permits from other states. It should be noted that we urge people traveling with firearms to always check the state specific laws prior to traveling, however, having extra concealed carry permits is an easy way to acquire permissions. So say for example, if during one of the legislative cycles Florida dropped one state, Utah may still carry it - meaning you would still be covered traveling to that state if you hold a Utah, non-resident permit - with some state restrictions of course.


This non-resident permit doesn't mean you ever have to visit Utah, it simply means the state trusts that if you are educated by one of their Utah BCI certified instructors (like us!) then you too can carry in all the states that Utahns are permitted to carry. With some exceptions; The federal laws of where we cannot carry concealed still apply to all of us; places off-limits such as courthouses and secured areas of airports, among others, AND you must abide by state specific laws even with general reciprocity.


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St. Petersburg Location

Address given on confirmation.

Call 727-344-9356


Call 727-344-9356 or email me with your questions: 





Utah Non-Resident Permit Class

  • •  Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
    •  Be 21 years of age or older

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