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Lisa L.       

Lead Instructor

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Lisa is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor, and a Range Safety Officer (RSO). She's also Utah BCI Certified, Minnesota Certified, and Tennessee Certified plus, she's CPR and First Aid certified as well. Always the eager student, she is grateful to pass on her knowledge to those who seek it.   ​

Lisa has hundreds of hours in advance shooting tactics including scenario based training, shooting through cars, force on force, and hand to hand combat.


In addition to shooting, teaching and a brief stint as a competition shooter, Lisa attended a pre-veterinary medicine track in college but decided she liked animal husbandry more than medicine - so she devoted her spare time to fostering sick and underweight kittens (over 400 so far!) and has photo albums of all of them.   Cat lady much?

Zack B.   



Zack is a triple threat with ex-military experience, a current law enforcement career plus, an assistant concealed carry and home defense instructor. He is our resident hardware specialist and accessory junkie (read: anything gun related)- and he's wicked funny. 

His insights about the nuances of shooting are remarkable. It's a second skin to him and it shows.  Now, if he could just beat his mom on training day.  

C. J.        



CJ  stands for Casey Jonelle, but don't tell her I told you.  Casey is an assistant instructor for The Armed Floridian, and current Forensic Specialist for local law enforcement.  She has dual Bachelor’s degrees in Criminology and Forensic Science, and a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensics.  Smarty pants. 


She doesn't always keep her nose in the books. She loves to have a good time and is a true adventure seeker; rock climbing, skydiving, and bear taming?? – Ask her about that time in Alaska.

Tony L.      



Tony is our covert operator. Invisible man. Ninja.  Retired sniper.  He has a heart of gold, loves kids and dogs - and that's all I can say. In print.  ;-)  If you want to learn more, come join one of his classes. 

Administrator in Charge

Colleen is a jack of all trades!  Cat wrangler, plate spinner, super woman. There's nothing she can't do. She is our Vishnu - preserver of our universe. What's the Irish version of that? 


Colleen D. 

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