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50-State Guide to Firearm Laws & RV Travel

2.5 hours  |  $99

    Traveling by car or RV through Florida? What are the rules?  Are you allowed to have a gun? What if you're a non-resident? Is there any truth to that 3-step law?  

     Traveling through Florida as a resident is one thing; as a non-resident, or traveling across multiple states is another.  Laws regulating firearms across the 50 States vary dramatically. What you might get a tip of the hat for doing in Wyoming, will get you five years in a New York state prison. 

     Learn how to avoid drastic punishments for inadvertent mistakes. 

Basic Pistol - A Beginners Guide to Guns 

2.5 hours  |  $99

     Do you have a mini panic attack at the thought of guns, or are you just curious?  

Yeah, for us it was both.
     We will teach you how to safely handle a gun.  Like everyone before you - there is a process you can learn.  And you'll learn by doing in a safe and friendly environment. NO LIVE AMMO anywhere near us and never, ever in the classroom. 

     You'll leave here with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to safely and confidently handle any gun!  

Threat Avoidance for Seniors & Singles

2.5 hours |  $99

     Must-know tips, tricks and guidelines for living in Condition Yellow.  A state of relaxed alertness. Learn how to recognize behavioral indicators, take pre-arranged tactical actions and listen to your intuition.
     A human predator will attack the victim he thinks is weak—and will back off if he thinks his “victim” is alert enough to make his attack more difficult.

     For us, overestimating the threat has almost no penalty. On the contrary, underestimating a threat may mean your life. 

Gun Cleaning 101

2.5 hours  |  $39


     A clean gun is a happy gun!

     Firearms are expensive investments which require close attention and care. 

     Dirty, fouled barrels create areas for rust, and salty fingerprints can eat right through gun bluing. 

     But it's more than just a pretty appearance. A clean gun is a safe and reliable gun.  So bring some friends, and let's get crackin'!

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