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Rifle class will start at $195 per person for four hours. 


Private instruction offers a degree of flexibility that standard classes can’t quite match, both in terms of time spent to cover material, and the specific elements to be focused on during the session.


  • Maybe you've taken a standard class but still feel less confident than you'd like. 
  • You want to increase your skills; receive the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time. 


During a private session you receive more focused, one-on-one coaching and instruction at the level you currently are as an individual shooter.  There is more time to guide your improvements through nuanced observation from the instructor, and more time for you to actually practice and improve through the advice given.  


This rifle class will cover:

  • firearm safety
  • parts & operation
  • zero confirmation
  • carbine shooting fundamentals
  • intro to alternate firing positions
  • intro to utilizing cover
  • firearms maintenance
  • reloads
  • malfunctions

Range fees are not included and if guns are needed we can provide rentals at a nominal fee ($20 for the day). Ammunition is available for purchase - please notify your instructor prior to booking if you need ammo so it can be secured prior to class. Amount of ammo and equipment needed will be decided after you and your instructor discuss the details of your private class needs. 


For answers to questions or if you'd like to book, call 727-344-9356 or email:



Private Rifle - Beginner

    • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
    • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Class fees are refundable within 72 hours of class. You may reschedule your paid class to accommodate your schedule within a year of purchase. Classes rescheduled due to acts of God, including extreme weather or facility closures outside of our control will be rescheduled in place of a refund. Changes in class location or class schedule will be communicated by the email address and phone number you provide.

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